Shinsekai yori and its decisions

To me this show started off very promising. It had good world building and really good art work. The 1st 4 episodes made me want to watch it each week as it was released. Then I feel the staff just decided to clean its own house and just simply do things for things sake. Not entirely random things but vague and a bit unclear things. Watching the latest episode (8) I actually had to pause the show and stop to plot how to punch the writers from a far away distance. The art work is now very sloppy aside from a few items. The characters are grainy and they look as if this show was pulled out of the Macross era of drawing. I don’t expect grandeur art work, but when you start out strong and let go so quickly it looks rather pathetic.  As far as the story goes it is just uninteresting now and disturbing from certain elements that did not need to surface. I feel very strongly that it hinders the whole show and just bothers most anyone who was watching because it is completely out of the blue and unnecessary and then its over.

Anyway ill continue watching the show because it is the only show released on Saturdays for me. Maybe they will get hate letters and decided to fix their errors. I wont send them, I’m lazy.


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