Girls und Panzer because I must

Before the Fall season started I picked a few animes to watch, and a few animes I predicted I wouldn’t watch. I picked Girls und Panzer to not watch because I felt the show looked like it had no real premise or promise. After listening to Kevo from Deus Ex Machina rave about it I decided I would give it a try. The show is extremely entertaining. I feel left out that there was not a new episode this week and that I’ll have to suffer the waiting till they can release a new one.

Here’s why I like the show: 1st, The characters are good. I say it so simple, because they are not complex characters to begin with, but they don’t spend time wavering about trying to discover themselves in long drawn out episodes where nothing happens. I don’t mind that if thats what the show is about, but GuP is not about that in the least. Its straight up Girls and (2nd reason),Tanks. And Tanks, and More Tanks. Not run of the mill lets throw a generic tank in a show, but REAL tanks. Historical and famous tanks. Tanks that change the course of history, or at least tried to to be done by another tank. Some one did their homework and got an A.  3rd reason, The battles. So far they only take up parts of each episode, but there are lots of battles. Plus they are believable. The scope of each battle seems like it can only get bigger and better. In 5 episodes there have been 3 battles. They some how managed to fit in world building and character introductions in there as well.

All in All Girls und Panzer is a hyper version of Saki with tanks filling in for Mahjong tiles. I liked Saki. I love Girls und Panzer.


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