Black Butler aims to please

I recently concluded watching both seasons of Black Butler, and while the ending was indeed a proper wrap-up, I was definitely left wanting more.


This anime takes viewers to 19th Century London, to the residence of the

preteen Earl Ciel Phantomhive. After losing his parents in a fiery accident, the young earl is thought to be dead, only to eventually reappear with a new butler in tow. Our dear butler, Sebastian Michaelis, is in actuality a demon who is contracted to help Ciel avenge the death of his parents.

While Black Butler is full of sentimental humor and some rather engaging and creative violence, what really drew me in was the characters’ constant dichotomy. Within the world of Black Butler, no one is as they seem. What’s more, is that oftentimes a character will sincerely act and behave one way, when the truth about who or what they are is completely different from what the viewer has come to know.

As for the ending, it was not what I had anticipated. I partially want to say that I was disappointed, but in a more complicated sense of the word. The ending to Black Butler was fantastically appropriate, and in its own way, rather delicious. Still, regarding certain characters, it was not the end that I would have chosen for them. And again, while I chose to describe myself as disappointed, I am also appreciative of its ending.

The conclusion to Black Butler achieved an interesting message, which I read to be about how no matter how caring, amusing, good-natured, and seemingly well-intentioned someone or something might be–if it’s evil, it’s evil.

At 36 episodes, two seasons seems the perfect length for this anime. As much as I would have enjoyed for it to go on, I feel that the quality of content would have begun to suffer. The fact that I wanted more would have had more to do with me wanting to simply spend more time with the characters.

Story-wise, Black Butler theanime deviates from the manga, from what I hear. I’m looking forward to delving into the manga so that I can see what other tales and ethical conundrums Ciel, Sebastian & Gang have to offer.


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