The Week3

At some point during the week’s end after I’ve had my fair share of tasty anime, i’ll will post my top 3 and bottom 3 for the week. I dub the section the Week3. Also take in consideration i am not watching all the anime that is currently being aired. You can find my watching list here if you wonder what shows I am watching. Also I do not watch shows I do not like, so my bottom 3 may be shows that are actually good.

The bottom 3 From near worst to worst.

3: (Zetsuen No Tempest). The episode was good at explaining things and setting up more plot devices, though it is still up in the air how things will turn out. The one gripe about the episode was the constant banging of the sword on the ground. Samon just kept doing it and it wasn’t really emphasizing anything. Also the fact that Jun was explaining the world to himself on a road so we understood it is a little bothersome. Still a decent episode though.

2: (K). More plot entering devices and points of interest that do not make too much sense. The pile of Goo in that the Blue king had was apparently important enough to show several times, though I couldn’t figure out its purpose. (If someone knows please let me know.) Honestly expect for the last minute of the show nothing happened.

1: (Shinsakei Yori). I already wrote a post on this episode and wonder what it is that is going on. I do not like any of the characters any more. Even Saki just seems lost. Unless this show gets better its probably going to occupy this spot for a few weeks. I probably wont drop it though.


The top 3:

3rd: Girls und Panzer. 90% of the show was finishing the battle. The episode was not as good as the prior ones, because there was a lot of running away and chasing and less tactics. In the end it was a good show and I enjoyed it. Plus Fireflys Rock. both tank and series.

2nd: Chuuni. While most people seem subdued by the drama and more down to earth Rikka, I loved it. I enjoyed the whole 2nd half of the episode when she fell in love with him but had no idea. It was very warming and colorful. I don’t feel this show needs to be random to be good. I think its better when the characters have lots of depth and their actions have explanations.

1st: Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo. I loved Sorata’s sister. This episode made me laugh so much. While there is not anything super important in the episode, the episode it self made me love the show more. While I feel the other shows may have more depth and quality, this episode just seemed to click with my personal taste.

So thats my rundown for the Week3. I’ll go more in depth in the future. This is just my starting block.


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