The Week3 (2)

Series are starting to pick up and it seemed like every show improved this week.

Bottoms Up from somewhat disappointing to let downs.

1: Say I Love You: While I just said every show was improving, this show really hasn’t done much of anything recently. Mei spent the first episodes improving her character, while the recent episodes have had her regressing back to boring. I will give praise to the writers for Yamato’s actions recently. They really nailed it to how a guy would really act and be oblivious to what hes doing while its blatantly obvious to everyone else.

2: Shin Sekai Yori: Vast improvement from previous episode, but I still find the story lacking substance. I’d like to see more use of powers, but not to the point where everything is just obliterated. It has been an all or nothing type deal. I do think this show will improve more though. It left it self lots of openings. But that also means it left it self open to lots of holes and more crap to fill in like its done before.

3: K: What seemed like an episode that was explaining things made me even more confused. It added several new characters and what could have amounted to cool fight scenes just ended up being short one sided walk-through. Also the main character never even showed up but was half mentioned and a new person seemed to be very important but it was left a mystery to who he was. This show seems to want to let the viewer know nothing. It might be amazing if the end is good and you can go back and see all the hidden references, but there is just too much that is not coherent right now to get a grasp on it.

Getting Good or being the best.

3: Zetsuen no Tempest: I will say the reason this episode made it into the top three was because I am super anxious for the next one. Not much exciting happened but the dialogue and character actions all fit very well together. The correlation to Shakespeare turned the show to a higher level. The show went from the show I least wanted to watch on the day it came out (Psycho Pass, Robotics;Notes, and K) to the show I really am looking forward to next week. Though it only moves up one place.

2: Psycho Pass: I do not know what to say about this show. There is not much bad and everything is good. It is just too hard to describe. I feel like my hue is becoming cloudy by just watching each episode. I feel I may become a latent criminal soon. If any criminal in the real world had 1/3 of the passion of these people then they would be world famous. I almost want to say good job and here’s a cookie.

1: Robotics;Notes: I feel the pace has started. More plot elements coming together and the previous episodes are making more sense. Just like ZnT I can’t wait for next weeks episode. I have this show as my top for the week because I feel it improves all the prior episodes as well. Because of Stiens;Gate I do have high expectations for this trend to continue therefore, because my hopes are rising the show is increasingly becoming better exponentially.


Aside notes: I wanted to included ZnT because I feel it is a very good show that gets no attention.

Girls und Panzer: The show introduced more tanks. Super excited about that. The battle was only a mention though, so it still is in my heart as my favorite show, but I was not in my favorite 3 episodes of the week.


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