Usagi Drop: Charming Beyond Recognition



I recently wrapped up the eleven-episode treasure known as Usagi Drop, and I have been left wanting for more.

The show allows us to follow 30 year-old Daikichi, whose grandfather has recently passed away and left behind an illegitimate daughter, who is six years-old. While most of the family will have nothing to do with the girl, Rin, Daikichi is not about to leave the strange and quiet child on her own.

For eleven episodes, we’re allowed to see this unique little family develop and thrive. Viewers become privy to a young bachelor who essentially performs a lifestyle-180, all for the love and security of this little girl. And he is happy about it.

The story in itself is great, but one of my favorite aspects of watching Usagi Drop was the unique style in which it was drawn. As a whole, the picture is the standard that one would expect when watching anime, but on occasion the scenery and characters take on a pastel crayon effect, which leaves viewers with a nostalgic, almost ethereal quality.

Though the anime is a mere eleven episodes long, I feel that this may be for the best. The manga, which I fully intend on reading, starts off similar, but then embarks on a far different course, which perhaps not all readers or viewers may be ready for.

Despite the incongruity of the manga, I have peeked at it enough to remain intrigued, and am even thinking that I might be rooting for the outcome that my reluctant mind currently perceives. It could be tragic, yes.

Or it could be altogether unique and lovely.


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