Ouran Highschool Host Club: Brat Pack of the Anime World?

Thanks to justmanga.comLet me start off by saying that this will be brief. Mainly, because there is no other good way for me to do it. My immense love for all things Ouran borderlines is obsessive, and I won’t be apologizing about that to anyone (sorry, Hubs…).

Centering around first-year high school student Haruhi Fujioka, we soon realize her to be a very special brand of girl. For one, she allows herself to be seen at school with short, disheveled hair while wearing hand-me-down boys’ clothes that barely pass as a school uniform. What’s more, is that she does all this as the ultra-intelligent scholarship student at the elite, Ouran Academy.

It’s while searching for a quiet place to study that Haruhi stumbles upon the eccentric host club, who end up mistaking her for a boy (surprise, surprise). Alas, Haruhi’s maleness does little to deter club king Tamaki from flirting with her, and while trying to make an escape poor Haruhi ends up breaking a very expensive vase, thereby indebting herself to the host club.

It isn’t long before the boys discover her secret, and basically decide to adopt her as their secret princess while she continues to wear the physical facade of a boy (fun note: she could really care less about gender identity, and personally isn’t keeping her gender a secret, though the rest of the club most definitely is).

For 26 amazing episodes, hilarity and heart-touching moments ensue. While Ouran basically makes use of all the classic character archetypes, it does so very well. Cause really,what good is any frame if the storytellers don’t manage to fill it in with personality and substance of merit? Thankfully, Ouran creator Bisco Hatori and the good folks at Funimation have provided viewers with a delightful manga and anime that provides its characters with wonderful backstories, smart and witty dialogue throughout, and plenty of fantastic details to pick up in the background.

If the anime endears you, I cannot stress enough that the manga is entirely worth delving into. While the show stays very true to the manga, and nearly everything in the 26 episodes can be accounted for there, the two end rather differently. And both are quite good. Being 18 volumes long, there is plenty of Host Club goodness to experience in the manga, as well.

Personally, I find Ouran High School Host Club to be the John Hughes’ Brat Pack-quality ensemble of the anime/manga world.

And what’s not to like about that?


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