Why am I watching this? Aku No Hana.


The question is not proposed to others but more or less myself. I was already watching 12 shows this spring season so I figured I could leave a few out. Aku No Hana/Flowers of Evil looked ugly and its one of my least favorite genres to watch so I easily tossed it aside. I heard lots of people complaining about its animation style and anime-planet quickly had its rash of gerbils casting its rating into the gutter. So I should have just kept the show tossed aside and been satisfied with the great season I already had on my plate. Well some how I decided to just see what was so bad about the animation style. I was just content on seeing why there was a select few of people liked it but the majority just complained about it.

Nonetheless the first episode told me why people complained. I was not inspired by it and the overall feeling of the show was dreary and creepy. Again being a genre I am not attuned to, I was going to drop it there, but I had heard the ending theme or song or whatever it was. I was sitting in the lobby of a hotel to gather some internet down time when a Japanese family sat across from me. The little boy started to chant something about flowers and it sounded so close the the voice that was at the end of the show that I was extremely unsettled and the whole ambiance of the show fell over me. Why should a cute little boy freak me out? The spirit of what the show was trying to do fell to me, so I decided that if one episode can put that much emotion and creep factor from the little I saw I would try some more.

So Why am I watching Aku No Hana? Because everything about the show creeps me out. Nothing in the show is far fetched and it weighs on my mind. The animation style is perfect for it. The ugliness of the show is perfect for it. The music is perfect for it. It is a creepy show and it does it well. I am interested now. This show is mind-numbing train wreck and you can’t look away.

So far its that good.


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