So we meet again, and I offer my hand…

Boy howdy, has it been a while!

I’m excited to announce that Dynamo Penguin is-at the inception of a few big changes. Even though this blog has technically been around for about a year, I still consider it to be in its infancy, as its two writers–Dynamo Penguin and Rhetoric Femme–have been sporadic at updating, at best, as both real life and other interests have often caused the blog to take a backseat.

Alas, no more! The near future will see both an update in layout and content, as Rhetoric Femme begins to gear the blog largely toward Manga reviews. I’m sure there will still be anime reviews spread throughout, as well as future writing on other areas of Otaku interest.

For today, though, consider this a nice little, “Howdy Ho!” to all the rest of the lovely and enduring Otaku community out there in Internetlandia. I’m really hoping to create something enjoyable for both myself and you.


Just another occasion to throw some Ouran at the world.


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