Library Wars: Love and War, Vol. 5

At this point, the series has established what it’s all about, and seems to be moving away from alternating between constantly insulting Ika and throwing raids into readers’ faces. But then, the manga is called Love and War, no?

The tension between Ika and her parents sees a slight decrease in pressure as her father begins imploring into “current events” (read: looking for traces of his daughter in the news), and even stands up for her when an argument with her mother seems imminent. Between his research and conversations with Dojo, it’s clear not only that Mr. Kasahara is aware of his daughter’s career choice, but also has a pretty solid idea of the sort of feelings that exist between her and the aforementioned superior. What’s more, is that he seems to approve! Well, at the very least, he’s not standing in the way…

In what ends up being a fantastic change of gears, a sizable portion of Volume Five is devoted to Mikihisa Komaki. With the introduction of someone close to Komaki, as well as the inclusion of a dire situation, things begin to feel new, interesting, and emotional all over again. As much as I love Ika and Dojo, it was very refreshing to switch directions for a while.

Admittedly, however, it was great to close out this volume with a bonus manga detailing the events of a party being put on by a publishing company. The task force attends as protection detail, and it isn’t long before Ika finds herself tackling a member of the MBC into a fountain. She ends up wearing a gown for the rest of the night, entirely unaware not only of how stunning she is, but also of the affect she has on the men around her. Or how the aforementioned has affect on Dojo.

Love and War, indeed.


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