Library Wars: Love and War; Vol. 6

The series has reached a point where I’m incessantly playing the, Oh no, I feel so much for this character, please don’t let them die! game.  A never ending paranoia if there ever was one…

Volume 6 finds the library force preparing in various ways for Valentine’s Day, therein keeping the storyline lighthearted and sweet. While Ika tries to finding friendly and diplomatic ways to get chocolate to Dojo, Shibazaki is busy trying to shirk off pushy co-workers and sweet, yet unwanted advances from a library patron.

While Volume 5 helped readers to gain some insight into Komaki’s background, Volume 6 marks Shibazaki’s turn. It came as no surprise to me that her friendly demeanor is mostly a facade to keep people around her from criticizing her naturally intelligent and sarcastic nature. Unfortunately, Shibazaki seems to have grown up around the sort of folks who find physical beauty mutually exclusive to intelligence and a sharp wit. Indeed, she is not the only character to have found some kind of safe haven within the people she chooses to surround herself with within the Library Force. It’s emotionally gratifying to see her attempt to keep Ika at bay, only to have the blonde penetrate that force field by accepting Shibazaki as she truly is. What’s more, is that no one even asked her to. Ah, warm fuzzies abound!

Moral dilemma comes back into play as Volume 6 moves on, when a popular news magazine is threatened by the MBC for publishing a detailed account of a teenage serial killer and his victims. Where one party claims the publication of such info is gratuitous and uncalled for, the other camp deems it the responsibility of the press to keep the public informed.

Regardless of where people fall on the issue, the Library Force remains responsible for defending the magazine from those who wish to see it banned.

In all, Volume 6 is pretty similar to Volume 5, and I mean that in a good way. Progressing character backgrounds while moving the story forward at just the right pace, I’m enjoying getting to know the layout of this society and the people who live in it. The presence of the MBC and both its blatant and discreet supporters is a great means of keeping readers on their toes while also allowing enough space to just sit back and enjoy the series.

While the day-to-day stuff is broken up nicely by detail work and confrontation with the MBC, I’d have to say that my favorite part of the series is gaining insight on each of the main characters and their private worlds. I’m going to guess that Volume 7 will have its way with Hikaru Tezuka, which I’m very much looking forward to.


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