So, who is here?

Mostly Rhetoric Femme. This site–originally called Dynamo Anime–was established by Dynamo Penguin, and served as a place for him to post his thoughts on whatever current anime he’s been watching. Save for the fact that DP has handed over control of the blog to Rhetoric Femme, not much has changed. Just expanded.

Anime has been a love of mine from early on, but these days I find myself more into manga. I renamed the blog Dyanamo Otaku in order to broaden content, while preserving what DP initially created. You’ll be able to find content here ranging from anime and manga reviews, to thoughts on situations or characters, and perhaps eventually a bit of Japanese poetry and literature.

More on Dynamo Penguin:  I’m the DynamoPenguin, Penguin, Pen, or D/P. I’ll mostly write about how I feel about current anime, or currently watching. I have many other hobbies as well. I do enjoy Frisbee sports and hockey as well as many other sports and activities. I may not post about them much but its not out of the question. I like to keep things simple so you may not see me dish out the long heart felt things many people are used to.

It’s whats on my mind.
Dynamo Penguin at Anime Planet.

A little more on Rhetoric Femme: Wife, mother, perpetual college student, journalist… I’m a lover of world history and religions from all over. I’m a big believer in the power of the written word,  think that oftentimes these things are undervalued and that they can change the world. That might sound a bit cheesy or pretentious, but I’m okay with that. While I enjoy collecting the manga series that are dear to me, I typically use the amazing interlibrary loan system to try and plow through as much manga as possible. It keeps the bibliophile and minimalist within me happy. Outside of anime and manga, you can find me chasing toddlers, doing homework, reading other stuff, or writing. When I’m done with all that, I write some more. Running and foreign cinema are favorites, too.

Rhetoric Femme at Anime Planet.



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