Someone has a favorite author…

I just finished reading Volumes One and Two of Millennium Snow. And oh, Bisco Hatori… I love you more than you can ever know… It could have something to do with Ouran High School Host Club inciting the resurrection of my fandom about a year and a half ago… But I think it’s something more than that.

She just has a certain humor and a special charm that I cannot deny. Her dialogue is spot on and hits whatever chord she’s aiming for, and her drawings–even the early stuff that clearly needs some fine tuning–is perfectly able to convey whatever situation is at hand. Bisco Hatori has a knack for creating characters who feel like they should be slightly audacious, but instead come off as both relatable and believable.

Sure, she’s not the only mangaka to do as much for their readers, but who cares? At this point, her work is just destined to always be one of my favorites.



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